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Quality healthcare is everyone’s right. At Sushila Hospital, we believe this as our core philosophy and we strive to deliver quality healthcare to people from every walk of life with compassion, empathy and utmost care.

Center of Excellence

Combining the best specialists and equipment to provide you with nothing short of the best in healthcare.

24/7 Emergency Care

We respond effectively fast in times of dire needs proffering optimum chances of survival and recovery to the affected.

Affordable Quality Care

We provide affordable healthcare to people from every walk of life without compromising the service quality.

Experienced Doctors

We have some of the most professional Doctors who have been serving selflessly for the purpose of health and harmony.


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Have some Questions?

Yes, we have a 24/7 ambulance service for emergency care.

Patients can make the deposit by cash, debit or credit cards. We do not accept cheques.

Most of the Doctors are available throughout the day and some during the night. However outpatient services are available on all working days. We have doctors in the positions of medical and surgical registrars, junior and senior registrars, thus offering 24 hours coverage in areas such as Casualty, Wards, Intensive Care Units, and Post Op recovery areas. Any complaints in the odd hours are first attended to by the resident doctors and, depending upon the case, the respective doctors are called in to attend to the patients.

You are required to contact the reception, where our executives will give you details about the various packages, tests, bed categories, and other charges. After finalization of your choice, you will be given an IP (inpatient) number. On completion of all the admission formalities, you will be guided to the respective ward/room.


Dr. Anjana Prakash

When it comes to choosing a hospital, one thing is clear: quality counts. With more than three decades of tradition, excellence, and quality in providing medical care in a comfortable and convenient environment, we bring peace of mind for the thousands of patients we care about every day with the help of our doctors, specialists, and nurses. We focus on offering a wide range of consistent high quality and up-to-date medical services that allow us to improve the health of the communities we serve with compassion and sensitivity to the individual needs of our patients and their families.

As the old saying goes ” Values begin at home “, we, here at Sushila Hospital believe in nurturing our team with compassion & empathy which in turn helps them reflect the same values on our patients, generally to improve their experience and care at our hospital. We consider this as our mission statement. With transparency and commitment as our driving forces, we have established a reputation that reflects honesty, sincerity, and trustworthiness.

Providing affordable & quality healthcare throughout Bihar, and empowering the lives of millions of people from every walk of life is our true Vision for the future.


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